• Palestine Palestinians – Guide Book giving the Palestinian narrative
• Palestine by Joe Sacco – An American cartoonist depicts ordinary every day life for Palestinians in cartoon strips. (Jonathan Cape, 2003)
• Facts on the Ground: the end to the two-state solution?Christian Aid Report
• Arming the Occupation Israel and the Arms Trade – 2002 report by Campaign Against the Arms Trade 0207 281 0297
• B’tselem (Israeli human rights org) – report The Wall
• Obstacles to Peace – A Reframing of the Palestinian Israeli Conflict (Jeff Halper ICAHD)

Websites – ICAHD (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions) – reports and statistics by Israel human rights organisation on human rights abuses and Israeli government policies in the OPT – United Nations’ Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA): regular updates and other authoritative information about the current humanitarian situation in the OPT – A list of products made in illegal Israeli settlements in the OPT is on Gush Shalom’s website – selection of articles and information resources in a website run by Israeli anti-occupation activists – Foundation for Middle East Peace: bimonthly report distributed by mail or email free of charge with analysis, data and maps on Jewish settlements built in the OPT – brief weekly debate on current issues by Palestinian and Israeli political analysts – the World Council of Churches webite on the EAPPI journals of Ecumenical Accompaniers – The Electronic Intifada – Gush Shalom – Left wing peace org – Uri Avnery – New Profile – Mothers of soldier against militarisation of Israeli life – Ha’aretz newspaper