1. Write to your MP or MEP about the situation in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem


Raise issues with them: eg. the siege of Gaza, EU trade with Israeli settlements, Israeli expansion in East Jerusalem, etc. Get them to write to the appropriate minister. Keep letters short, make a small number of specific points, and always ask for a response. Follow up replies and send them material. Ask them to sign Early Day Motions on Palestinian issues, specificially EDM 596 (tabled by Menzies Campbell) which supports the EAPPI programme and calls for intergovernmental bodies to send an international force to protect civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

2. Help end trade with illegal Israeli settlements.

Contact your local supermarket (Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose, Somerfield) to say you don’t want to buy produce from Israeli settlements which are illegal under international law. Be alert for herbs, dates, fruit and vegetables sourced from “West Bank” as they originate from settlements on occupied Palestinian territory. Ask supermarkets how they will respond to new government guidelines about labelling goods from the West Bank. See www.quaker.org.uk/government-advice-labelling-settlement-goods.

Ask your MPs to help.

Support Boycott, Divestment and Sanction campaigns.

See www.bigcampaign.org  or www.palestinecampaign.org 

Specifically boycott Ahava cosmetic products sourced from the Dead Sea by  the settlement of Mitzpe Shalem but falsely labelled ‘Made in Israel’.

3. Buy Palestinian products. See www.zaytoun.org for list of distributors   

4. Monitor your local and religious media.

Write articles or comment on articles in letters. Monitor national media. Look out for unfair reporting or wrong use of terminology e.g. ‘disputed territories’ that more accurately should be ‘occupied territories’. Contact the media and point this out.

3. Campaign to end Detention without charge or trial.

Addameer, a Palestinian prisoner’s support organisation, gives details about how to lobby MPs, MEPs and Israeli Embassy, to end the use of ‘administrative detention’ which is repeated detention without charge or trial for consecutive six months terms. www.addameer.info  Addameer encourages letters of support for detainees, some of whom are children.

4. Join the ICAHD Bottom-Up Campaign (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions)

Subscribe to icahdaction-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to get calls to campaign on selected issues relating to different aspects of the occupation.

5. Visit Israel and Palestine

See for yourself the reality on the ground. Go on a study tours to understand the situation by meeting  people on both sides of the conflict.

Rediscovering Palestine  (Based in the UK)

Olive Cooperative (Based in the UK)

Alternative Tourism Group (Based in the West Bank)

6. Sponsor an olive tree

The East Jerusalem YMCA and YWCA of Palestine run the Olive Tree Campaign – Keep Hope Alive, which aims at planting 50,000 olive trees in the very places where trees have been uprooted by the Israeli army of where the fields are threatened by land confiscation.

www.ej-ymca.org  or emial olivetree@ywca-palestine.org

6. Become an Ecumenical Accompanier in Israel and Palestine



Read about the reality of daily life in Palestine in the Journal Letters by Ecumenical Accompaniers  from the above website

0207 663 1144

You can also donate to fund the programme. Make cheques payable to Britain Yearly Meeting (EAPPI) and send to EAPPI, Freepost, Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2YS